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"The EWOB CDs are terrific. My last 2 shows have been dedicated to these CDs, and the response has been outstanding. Iíve had numerous people stop me on the street complimenting the shows and questioning me about the music. They were all amazed at the quality and diversity of bluegrass music in Europe."
- Jesse Ballew, Jambalaya, WJFF-FM Radio Catskill, Jeffersonville, New York


European World of Bluegrass CDs bring the EWOB Festival to you!

The European World of Bluegrass CD series is produced and financed by Strictly Country Records as their way of sponsoring the EWOB Festival and providing European bluegrass bands with a professional vehicle for their music. EWOB CDs are recorded by Pieter Groenveld for SCR Productions and produced by Liz Meyer. European bands are featured alongside the finest American artists to complete your bluegrass "world tour." Even if you cannot travel to Holland, you can buy EWOB CDs and make sure you never miss another EWOB!

Paintings for the EWOB CD covers have been done by Liz Meesters-Janssen. The 10 YEARS OF EWOB cover design is by Liz Meyer, with a painting by Liz Meesters-Janssen on the "seed packet."

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The BIG NEWS in BLUEGRASS is a stunning double CD: 10 YEARS OF EUROPEAN WORLD OF BLUEGRASS, that shot straight to #1 on the Folk Radio airplay charts in the USA & Canada this summer! 10 YEARS OF EWOB features 48 tracks by bands from 15 countries, including the #1 European Bluegrass Bands, alongside 15 special guest artists from the USA and Canada.

Check out these EWOB CD press and radio reviews!

CD info includes details on all bands featured on these great live recordings.                                

Recorded and mixed by Pieter Groenveld
Produced by Liz Meyer for Strictly Country Records


America & Europe join hands: 48 BANDS ~ 15 LANDS
2-CD set with the #1 European Bluegrass Bands                                           

“This remarkable collection adds a significant new chapter to bluegrass history, and a wealth of excellent music in many styles. '10 Years of European World of Bluegrass' is destined to become to European bluegrass what 'Will the Circle Be Unbroken' is to American bluegrass. This vision is clearly shared by radio and press.” ~ Hilary Bean, Roots & Sprouts

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These CDs are available from www.strictlycountryrecords.com

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